Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta

1933 – 2018


A virtuoso Sarod performer who created a uniquely modern style rooted in a profound knowledge
and feeling for raga music. He was known not only for his brilliance of technique but also for his scrupulous
attention to correct and logical exposition of ragas as well as for his vast repertoire
of ragas and compositions.

Vidushi Subhra Guha

Born: 1956


One of the leading female vocalists of India and one of the finest female exponents of the Agra gharana,
she possesses striking tunefulness and exquisite tonal malleability. Her style of rendition displays a mellow
blending of vidya, impeccable raagdari and a rich gayaki that is both creative and aesthetically appealing.
She has also gained a special recognition for her thumri renditions in the Poorab Ang.

Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya

Born: 1963

WORLD MUSIC HALL OF FAME, 2022 | GRAMMY nominee, 2009

The greatest slide guitarist in the world. He is an undisputed master of the demanding technique
and discipline of both Hindustani classical music and modern world fusion. A “virtuoso’s virtuoso,”
he has revolutionized a number of technical aspects of performance on the instrument.

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The IICA Artists

Vidushi Jaya Jog

One of India’s best Indian classical composers and Indian classical sitar performer, Vidushi Jaya Jog nurtures a legacy that is as rich

as her own taalim, with her versatile talents as a Guru, sitar performer, music designer and an honourable published author.

Dr. Shrabani Biswas

Destined to be a Sitarist and a ganda-bandhan disciple of Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, Dr. Shrabani Biswas had a

mystical experience during her taalim in Raag Abhogi; she is a National TV artist, an inspirational Sitar player and a Guru

Joydeep Mukherjee

Sangeet Natak Akademi (Ustad Bismillah Khan Award) awardee, Sarod, Sursingar, Mohanveena player whose

work is being appreciated by the honourable Prime Minister in his 98th edition of Mann Ki Baat

Ayush Lala

One of the youngest professional Santoor players at 9 years of age, who was drawn to pursuing music after

being woken up by the jhankar sound of the instrument at 3AM during a night Concert; he has been

performing nationally & internationally, ever since

Bhargavi Ranganathan

Featured as a promising young talent in 2019 by ‘The Hindu’; a ‘Yuva Kala Bharathi’ awardee, Bhargavi is a

UGC-qualified research fellow, professional educator, who sings with devotion and is a sought-after

Carnatic classical vocalist on TV and at LIVE concerts

Arpan Bhattacharya

Embracing Hindustani (vocal) classical music in early childhood with Bhairavi to emerging as a Harmonium

virtuoso and national scholarship winning vocalist

Akash Dwivedi

Inspired by local magazine mentions of career opportunities in Dance, Akash pursued excellence in KATHAK; he

advocates for educated musicianship that reflects in his choreography on National TV, various platforms

of repute, Yoga teaching, and featured interviews

Arghya Banerjee

With a flair for playback singing and transforming into an ace Hindustani classical vocalist under the

legendary tutelage of a true Guru

Angira Kotal

UK-educated economist turned Hindustani classical vocalist who simulated classical music environement

at home to become a praise-worthy performing artist and a sought-after music educator for all

Sayam Snigdho Das

With an in-depth knowledge in theory of Harmonica, Ukulele and Madolin music, Sayam has been training 40+

students, and aspires to build his legacy as India’s top educator. He is also an aspiring lyricist & music composer.

Atri Kotal

Passionate singer, Hindustani classical vocalist, music composer, educator, community builder, who dares to

dream big and pursues her goals with a zest for life

Soumendra Goswami

From being a Tabla-loving youngster to emerging to be a rising star of a Sitarist by virtue of his prodigal

orientation in music and taalim extraordinaire

Shatavisha Mukherjee

Child protégé in Hindustani (vocal) classical music and the youngest ITC SRA scholar, now musician, who continues

to enthral LIVE audience with her captivating performances and build her legacy of a lifetime of bonding

Aniket Chakravarty

Nationally acclaimed young Sarod player who is an ICCR-empanelled, graded artist of

All India Radio & Doordarshan, and adept in blending traditional mores with essences

of Maihar-Senia gharana