Bhargavi Ranganathan

Domain: Carnatical Vocal Classical | LIVE Concert Performer | Educator | Television Performing Artist 

Genre: #IndianClassical #CarnaticClassical 

Location: Chennai, India



Carnatic vocalist Bhargavi Ranganathan started learning music at the age of 10, when she was naturally starting to pick up singing from her uncle and aunt at home. She has been learning Carnatic music for past 10 years from various gurus. She describes music as an emotion; she believes that music has great impact on  human mind whether the tune expresses  joy or sorrow. Her speciality in singing is that her voice is very expressive with good shruthi sense and she sings with devotion. She is specialized in Carnatic singing and Bhajans and she also nurtures her love for Hindustani music and any genres of music. Her Gurus in carnatic music include Bharathi of Madurai, V. Padmini of Velachery, Ranjini Hebbar and Padma Sugavanam. Moreover, Bhargavi has consistently excelled as a Carnatic vocal classical teacher and mentor, with her in-depth knowledge in imparting the education, and sincere devotion towards understanding learner’s aptitude and guiding them at their own pace.

She completed her B.A., M.A., and M.Phil. in Music from Queen Mary’s college. She has cleared her national eligibility test in music conducted by the University Grants Commission (UGC), which means, she is eligible to pursue research as a junior research fellow or take up a job as an Assistant Professor in a recognized college in India.


Bhargavi learned music from her first Guru in Madurai, who taught her the importance of dedication. Even though she was interested in music from early childhood, it took her time, naturally, to understand the value or greatness of music. She used to attend classes just like any other child,  considered music as just an extra curricular activity to keep her engaged till the time she moved to Chennai. After moving to Chennai, which is the hub of Carnatic music, her perception towards music has changed, which ultimately transformed her into a refined musician and educator. Her Guru also encouraged her with the assurance that living in Chennai would prove beneficial to her musical journey, owing to the great Gurus who live in Chennai and several platforms to explore her LIVE performance.


She gave her first public performance in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (Information Centre) in T Nagar, Chennai. An organizer of this sabha noticed her attending a lot of concerts and used to talk to her about music a lot, and eventually invited to perform one and half an hour concert and that performance, which gave her the confidence and motivation to perform more. She also performed in Podigai TV for an hour in 2021. A huge part of audience, her relatives and friends were excited to see me on TV and really appreciated her music. Her biggest strength is both her parents and Gurus; some of her relatives are endowed  with good musical knowledge and they also inspire her to pursue her music with passion and sincerity.

Bhargavi has been sharing her learning experiences from various Gurus in her teachings and performances. Currently, she is taking her taalim from her Guru Mrs. Nisha Rajagopalan, a popular Carnatic vocalist, who has created her niche in Carnatic music community, who inspires Bhargavi to perform in sabhas and concerts. Bhargavi is currently employed in Grove school, Chennai, as a music teacher and also received invitation to teach at Kalakshetra Foundation, a reputed arts and cultural academy dedicated to the preservation of traditional values in Indian art and crafts. Bhargavi perseveres to carry the legacy of music through modes of learning, teaching and performing, and we wish her all the success and happiness in her endeavours.

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