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It is with sincere gratitude and hope that I write this note with, to welcome you to explore this web portal. The purpose of this web portal is multi-dimensional. New Music Launchpad is the first idea we want to build upon, by sharing as much of information as we can collect. But also, I request you to let us know and share new music whenever you come to know of some. You can easily share it via the WhatsApp chat at the bottom right of landing page.

Secondly, we aim to update the Jobs & Opportunities section once in a month, so that job seekers get timely information and apply without delay. 

We will reveal the Featured, Courses & Workshops, International sections in the coming months. Forum is the section for everybody who enjoys interacting with like-minded groups of people, share their questions, and help each other.

For now, we’re ready with our offerings mentioned on the Home page as we are actively working with artists to build their brands and boost their brand values.

From my personal experience of working with artists, I’ve seen that artists who have simple and small goals to pursue, usually are mentally prepared and energetically ready, to achieve those goals while we assist them in structuring their thoughts, and design their portfolio of brand assets.

If you have some goals, nomatter how clear or unclear they are right now, I’d be glad to hear from you. Because, when we work together to pursue your goals, we advance Arts & Culture, for humanity.

I conclude this note with a humble invitation to you to check our The Showstoppers section, where we share Bands and Baithaks, the two rich avenues of  gatherings where the highest quality of Indian artists engage in conversations with LIVE audience to bring about peace and healing in the hearts of them.

Thank you once again for stopping by. I appreciate your time and patience.


Reshma Patra


Published Date: 30.07.2023

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