Intermediate Course in Sarod – SADHANA

50 sessions to be covered in 24 months

Course code: 28105


What You Will Learn

  • In-depth learning and understanding of practical theory and aesthetics

  • Get immense control over the instrument and techniques by understanding the various bol patterns and laykari patterns

  • Extensive exercises of taans, and paltas, in at least 8 different ragas

  • Compositions (Gat ) on different taals (rhythm patterns) in 8 ragas

  • Advanced taalim on Alaap and Jod section

  • Play songs by understanding the notes

  • How to recognize the structure of taala or rhythm, by listening to Sarod recitals, and, in own compositions for performance recitals

Once you complete the course, you will potentially be eligible to perform in front of an

audience on global platform for LIVE performance. 

Also, you will receive FREE mentorship from Expert Artists at, about your personal

aspirations of Sarod playing and/or about professional opportunities to perform/teach.

This Course Includes

Written notations

Audio recording files (if required)

QnA after completing each session

Feedback (on homework done) after every session

Certificate of Completion after completing the full Course

Requirements & Eligibility Criteria:

Either completion certificate of "Aradhana", the Sarod Intermediate course, or, should have 2 to 3 years of training from any Guru or reputed Institute

Must have strong control of the instrument, swaras and Taals

Should be able to play 2 to 3 ragas with a little bit of improvisation, & self-created taans

Commitment to practise regularly

Who This Course is For:

Anyone, willing to learn Advanced techniques of Tantra-Kari style of Hindustani Classical Instrumental music

Anyone, who has decided to take their instrument with full dedication and wants to acquire more strength, control, and confidence in performance-level proficiency

Sitar and other instrument players willing to learn techniques of Sarod playing

Course Fee: Rs. 75,000/-

– to be paid in advance

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