Prepare to Succeed as Performing Arts Professionals

India’s performing arts market is valued at $3.8 billion in 2023 and it is expected to grow to $7 billion by 2027. Worldwide, the arts, entertainment and recreation industry is worth $1.5 Trillion. This sector comprises (1) companies that are involved in producing, promoting, or participating in live performances, events, or exhibits intended for public viewing; (2) companies that preserve and exhibit objects and sites of historical, cultural, or educational interest; (3) companies that operate facilities or provide services that enable patrons to participate in recreational activities or pursue amusement, hobby, and leisure-time interests; and (4) independent artists, educators, and educational institutes.

No wonder, more and more talented individuals are switching careers to pursue performing arts, full-time. However, there is a lot of confusion around how to structure a career path that is financial sustainable yet creatively fulfilling.

Personalized Solutions for Flourishing Career-Paths

If you are getting serious about pursuing performing arts as a career or switch careers to be a creative professional, or, if you are parents to a talented child, we are grateful to introduce our award-winning scientific methodology that weaves together creative potential, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset, to offer a personalized solution that just works for you.

It’s an exciting time to be in the industry as it is only going to get bigger and better as the sector is expected to grow 11.5% in 2023 to reach INR 2.34 trillion and further grow at a CAGR of 10.5% to reach INR 2.83 trillion by 2025.

Indian arts & entertainment sector grew 20% in 2022 to reach Rs. 2.1 Trillion.

Segment-wise business numbers are given below:

Some of the key trends to follow in future:

“Events” will continue their growth trajectory:

Organized events will grow to INR134 billion due to growth across all its verticals:

    • Corporates and brands will spend more on events. 57% of respondents planned to increase their event spends in the next few years, while 27% would maintain them
    • Ticketed events, across sports and concerts, backed by several new properties and a growing middle class
    • Government events to support its several new initiatives and the upcoming elections in 2023 and 2024
    • Weddings and personal events catering to a growing segment of rich families

“Cinema” will focus on two different segments

  • High-end cinemas will evolve into “experience zones” to cater to top-end multiplex audiences who watch movies for their spectacular experience and to enjoy an evening out with friends and family with at around over 100 million customers / 40 million households by 2025
  • In addition, a set of lower-priced “cinema products” will emerge for the next 100 to 150 million audiences across the top 75 cities of India, which will also require a change to the type of content being produced for these audiences, and which could even see regional OTT products releasing in a windowed manner

So, What Exactly Do We Do?
A Step-wise Clarity is Provided Below

Deep Dive Analysis & Brand Solutioning

Designing a 360 degree view of your prospective career-path based on “first principles” thinking and industry standard branding principles

Making the Connections: Mentors, Employers, & Others

Our intuitive App. allows visibility of your brand name, with video channels, and you can create your performances & events listings

 Done-for-you Digital Marketing Services

Built right in is the ability to celebrate your LEGACY. You can invite your students & external audience into the rich treasure trove

 1:1 LIVE Support by Community Champions

The major step for many artistic brands is to capture new audience appointments. Our in-built calendar application solves the problem in a straightforward flow

Also, once you sign up as a Premium Artist, we will send you a FREE copy of the book titled “Creative Communication Excellence in Arts & Entertainment”, a Powerful Six-Step Process To Live In Deep Creativity And Financial Abundance In 2023 & Beyond.