Sign Up for SADHANA | Sign-up Fee: Rs. 2000/-

As artists, when you sign up for SADHANA, the “Indian Culture and Arts Leadership Conclave”, we are honoured to associate with you and celebrate your leadership qualities.

In this association, we commit to nurture the community of artists, with our dedicated efforts in providing:

⦿ a Pension Fund, to support ageing artists in India, thereby, giving back to the community
⦿ a professional platform to showcase your works & achievements
⦿ year-long branding campaigns to celebrate your journey of life
⦿ performance opportunity at our international events
⦿ avenues of meeting with LEGENDs of India
⦿ speaking platforms for everyone to listen to your ideas & thoughts
⦿ assistance in getting jobs in the sector
⦿ industry-standard Awards to recognize your talents
⦿ partnerships with reputed Trusts and Talent Management companies, to grow your brand value
⦿ performance platform for your students
⦿ personalized events focused towards nurturing your LEGACY
⦿ networking opportunities among all creative artists, and between visual artists and performing artists

We are always available to respond to you via our dedicated WhatsApp chat over +91-9901709963

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