Beginners Course in Sitar – offline & online

12 sessions to be covered in 3 months

Course code: 54207


What You Will Learn

  • Anatomy of instrument: Discussion about the Sitar as an instrument

  • Posture & Hand Placement: How to hold the Sitar

  • Alphabets of Sitar, such as, Sapaat, Palta, Jamjama, Ghaseet etc.

  • Basic stroking techniques

  • Introduction to Swaras: Basic Notation

  • Sargam playing on the Sitar: Left hand placement

  • Learning a basic Palta on the Sitar

  • Play a simple tune such as, Jana Gana Mana, or any other song as discussed among teacher and student

This Course Includes

Written notation audio recording via WhatsApp

Question & Answer / doubt-clearing minutes after completing each session

Feedback (on homework done) after every session

Certificate of Completion after completing the full Course

Requirements & Eligibility Criteria:

Must have a Sitar

Commitment to practise, regularly

Who This Course is For:

Anybody who is eager to learn Indian instrumental music

Anybody who loves to listen to Sitar

Anybody who has a hobby to learn Sitar

Course Fee: Rs. 18,000/-

– to be paid in advance

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